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Meet The Team

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Associate Professor

After studying in Scotland (B.Sc. Immunology honors, University of Glasgow and PhD University of Edinburgh, Tregs in autoimmunity), Mandy moved to California for postdoctoral training at DNAX research Institute (now Merck Research Labs). While enjoying all northern CA has to offer, she also made some important contributions to the emerging Th17 field, including how different cytokines regulate the ability of Th17 cells to cause autoimmune disease. After a brief spell in a ‘real’ industry job, she decided to move back to academic research and started her own lab studying Th17 cells in mice and humans at the University of Pittsburgh in 2012. In summer 2022 the lab moved to join the growing Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Cornell University. Outside the lab, Mandy enjoy playing with my horses, dogs and family in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York! You can hear more about her career path from academia to industry and back again in a recent Immune podcast.   

Mandy McGeachy

Undergraduate students:
Khadija Kone 
Romona Ling

McGeachy lab Alumni

Former graduate students:
Qixing Liu (MD, Tsinghua University)
Dongwen Wu (MDPhD, Xiangya University)
Gerard Hernandez Mir (postdoctoral fellow, London)

Former postdocs/clinical fellows:
Deepika Singh (Rheumatologist, Valley Children's Hospital CA)
Fang Du (Rheumatologist)
Itay Raphael (postdoc)

Jing Wu (Rheumatologist)
Shankar Revu (Principal Scientist, Innovent)
Katie Poholek (Instructor, Pediatric Rheumatologist, University of Pittsburgh)
Saikat Majumder (Senior Scientist, BMS)
Shamsul Islam (postdoc, UPenn)

Former undergraduate students:
Lauren Callewaert
Alan Guo
Brenden Turner (scientist, GSK)
Daishon Spann (MIDS scholar)
Vanshika Singh
Lamisa Tasneem
Joe Ramnarine

Summer research students (Cornell):
Ali Lydecker, UC Berkeley (CIHMID Friends and Foes REU)
Megan Conley, Tufts (Veterinary Investigator Program)
Lamissa Tasneem (Cornell)
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